8 men were arrested on police raid; drugs and arms secured

The suspects tried to repel the aggression, but they were arrested and their weapons and drugs secured

8 meses hace

40 Cartel de Sinaloa members arrested by mexican authorites

More than 1 Ton of drugs were secured during the operatives that took place all over the mexican territory

8 meses hace

A thousand fentanyl pills were secured by authorities in Culiacán international airport inside a blender

They were found during an inspection by the Guardia Nacional in the operations plataform in the airport

12 meses hace

“El Durango”, leader of Gente Nueva, murdered in bomb attack

Culichi News José Bibiano Cabrera Cabrera, aka El Durango, was murdered in a bomb attack in Altar, municipality of Sonora,…

12 meses hace

“El Mencho” captures “Ghost Rider”, leader of Cárteles Unidos, and burns his face

This happened in El Aguaje, a town in Tepacaltapetec, Estado de México, after three days of shootngs

12 meses hace

Traditional quinceañera poses with sicarios for photo session in Sinaloa

Tradition changes: this young girl did not wanted chambelanes for her xv años party. SHe wanted sicarios instead

12 meses hace

11 Cartel de Sinaloa sicarios in custody after shooting and car chase

The suspect were involved in a car chase and a shooting in one of the most luxirious house complex in…

1 año hace

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