The dead was identified as César Issac, 16, who was in the plane with other two people

César Isaac es el nombre del joven de 16 años que murió en el desplome del avioneta Cessna que tuvo lugar esta mañana

One of the dead from the plane that crashed this morning in Navolato was a great-nephew of drug trafficker Amado Carrillo, known as El Señor de los Cielos.

This is Cesar Isaac, 16, who was traveling in the company of an older adult identified as Gamaliel, 65, and a third person who was not identified at the scene.

The accident occurred this morning around 11:00 a.m., and the moment in which the Cessna plane fell from the sky was captured on video and shared on social networks.

Rescue bodies as well as elements of the National Guard came to the site to secure the area while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office carried out their procedures.

The plane crashed near an ethanol plant located in the community of La Cofradía, on the side of the highway to Navolato.

The plane was allegedly performing pirouettes when the pilot lost control and ended up collapsing. The three people who died were the only crew.