The suspects tried to repel the aggression, but they were arrested and their weapons and drugs secured

Detuvieron a ocho en la Lombardo y aseguraron todo tipo de drogas en operativo

Culiacán, Sin.- Eight individuals were arrested during the operations that took place last week in the Lomardo Toledano neighborhood, according to the Ministry of Public Security in Sinaloa announced this afternoon.

In a bulletin, the agency reported that security personnel were carrying out an operation in said neighborhood, on H. Ayuntamiento and Guadalupe Rojo streets.

Two men who were in the area entered a home and left armed with the intention of attacking the police forces.

This caused the agents to pursue the suspects inside the site. Inside they found a large quantity of all kinds of drugs and firearms, which were secured once the operation ended by blowing up the laboratory.

Among the insured are a bag of granulated substance, apparently methamphetamine, a glass package and another bag with fentanyl pills.

While conducting the search, the agents found three other people inside a room in which there were significant quantities of marijuana.

In the backyard of the site, three other suspects were detained inside a greenhouse containing more marijuana plants.

The detainees, the weapons and the drugs were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for prosecution, as well as to carry out investigations in the matter.