The ssuspect was carrying away the remains of two neightbours from the historic centre of Mexico City

Detienen a hombre que llevaba restos humanos en un diablito y los tiró a la basura

A man who was transporting the remains of two people in a diablito to throw them away was arrested early Sunday in Mexico City.

According to the testimonies, the suspect left a neighborhood located in the historic center of the Mexican capital carrying a little devil. Upon reaching República de Chile and Belisario Domínguez streets, police officers who were at the site noticed that the man dropped a box.

The officers approached the man and asked him to show the contents of the box, in which there was a black bag and inside it were the remains.

In the act, the man was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, where the man identified himself as part of the criminal group La Unión de Tepito.

It was the agents themselves who described to the PM that the detainee was transporting the remains of two people at the time they arrested him.