Sicarios del "Mencho" asesinan a cuatro policías durante ataque en carretera

Culichi News

Four policemen were shot to death by hitmen belonging to the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación on the highway that connects the town of Pinos, in Zacatecas, with Ojuelos, in Jalisco.

According to the official report, the agents responded to an emergency call and when they arrived the sicarios shot them.

The attack caused panic among the drivers who witnessed everything, as they could see the moment in which the agents were killed.

The attack occurred on Sunday night. The Zacatecas State Government issued a statement explaining that a search operation was implemented after the attack took place, but they were unable to find those responsible.

The State Attorney General’s Office began the necessary procedures to open the investigation file for the murder of the police officers.

Zacatecas has become a danger zone for agents, since being a place that is under the influence of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, agents who are not corrupt are under constant harassment from hitmen.