They were found during an inspection by the Guardia Nacional in the operations plataform in the airport

Una licadora llena de... ¿fentanilo? Sí, fue asegurada en el aeropuerto de Culiacán

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Culiacá, Sin.- Soldiers of the Guardia Nacional found a thousand fentanyl pills hidden inside a blender that was sent by mail.

This was possible thanks to the coordination of the canine pairs when an inspection was carried out in the platform operations area and it was found inside a box that was transported by a mailing company.

The package was sent to the state of Chihuahua; Upon inspection of the device, it was found that inside the engine there was a plastic package that contained more than a thousand tablets.

Given the possibility that a crime was being committed, the pills were secured and sent to the Attorney General’s office In Sinaloa, who will be in charge of determining the exact weight of the drug and initiating the investigations.