This happened in El Aguaje, a town in Tepacaltapetec, Estado de México, after three days of shootngs

"El Mencho" captura a "Ghost Rider" y, como burla, le quema su apodo, le quema la cara

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Sicarios from Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación captured Ghost Rider, leader of Cárteles Unidos, according to Breitbart.

But not only captured him. One would expect that they will kill hin after that, but they burn his face insted just to muck his alias.

The torture occured in El Aguaje, a town in Tepalcatepec, Estado de México, where the cartels have been fight to control the area for three days in a row.

According to Breitbart, sicarios are fighting in the zone with no autority or police force watching over townsfolk security. A day before this happened, the mexican army beggin an operation in the town and said the site was secure.

The video image are gruesome, so ther won’t be published on this web site.

CJNG sicarios burned Ghost Rider‘s face with alcohol. While he was on fire, begged to el Mencho‘s men to kill hime. No one did.