Tradition changes: this young girl did not wanted chambelanes for her xv años party. SHe wanted sicarios instead

Sicarios por chambelanes: así celebra sus quince años en Sinaloa

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Narcoculture is above all in Sinaloa. Good-bye to the traditional quinceañera and chambelanes, the thing now is quinceañera and sicarios.

Elegance is dead. Now you gotta pose with your guns and tactical vest with the quinceañera. At least that’s what this girl from Sinaloa tought.

The photo of the girl in the red dress and two gunmen during a photo session is now viral on Twitter. There is not date or exact location for this event. The information only metions the state of Sinaloa.

The girl appears with a red dress and a crown, as tradition in almost every mexican state.  Te two gunmen appear with their guns and tactical vest, no suite or bow tie, only a black cap. Two typical sicarios after all.

In other pictures, the girl appears with a larger number of sicarios in an open field. Seeing the vegetation, it is almost certain that the event took place in a far away community from Sinaloa.