The suspect were involved in a car chase and a shooting in one of the most luxirious house complex in Culiacán

Estos son los 11 detenidos del Cártel de Sinaloa detenidos durante un operativo en Culiacán

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Culiacán, Sin.- A group of 11 sicarios under command of the Cártel de Sinaloa organization were detained this Tuesday morning after a car chase. After this, they hid in a luxurious house complex known as La Condesa, in Tres Ríos, one of he most expensive sites in Culiacán

Police forces recived a report of young people shooting in the streets, so they started an operation to locate and capture the suspects.

Once the responsible for the shooting were found, the police went after them, which provoked a car chase. The gunmen entered to La Condesa and hid inside one of the houses.

Cristobal Castañeda Camarillo, Secretary of Public Security in Sinaloa, explained that some agents enter to La Condesa chasing the gunmen and proceed to detain them once inside. In the operation, weapons like assault rifles and pistols and some vehicles were taken in by police forces.

“Some people reported gunmen shooting in the area. We started looking for the responsible, wich leaded us to a car chase and they entered in this sector. We have vehicles and guns in custody”, Castañeda said.

The police went after de suspects once they located them in several cars on Pedro Infante Blvd around 8:00 in the morning and several hours after the car chase the operation continued in La Condesa.

It was until afternoon when the suspects identities were known by the authorities and the media.

These are the sicarios:

1.- Francisco Javier M.

2.- José Eden Q.

3.- Sergio Arturo D.

4.- Josué Adrián G.

5.- Jorge Luis Y.

6.- Rodolgo A.

7.- Kevin Francisco Z.

8.- Edwin Reyes P.

9.- Kevin Alonso Z.

10.- Luis Ángel F.

11.- José A

Once the gunmen were subdued, the police forces surrounded the area, leaving no escape route.

In the operation, wich ended with the police breaking into the house, there were no shots.